Some our recent project include the following:

Reservoir Construction:

McMurry Reservoir #2

Applied Construct Technologies constructed a reservoir in Casper, Wyoming and installed 18", 15", and 12" PVC pipe, head gates, alfalfa valves, in-line valves, rip rap, coconut mat, and overflow structures.  June 2011

Reservoir Construction at Shirley Mountain

ACT constructed approximately 50,000 cubic yards of earth-based dams in Shirley Basin, Wyoming, with a poly liner, culverts, overflow piping, spill ways, rip rap, and completed the job with reclamation and seeding.  August 2010

T Cross T Irrigation System and Reservoir Repairs

ACT repaired approximately one mile of Beaver Creek erosion due to high water; reclaimed and seeded areas of disturbance; repaired leaks in the reservoir; and installed a gravity-fed irrigation system and head gates in Hullet, Wyoming.  October 2008


West Sand Bar Oil Field Reclamation

ACT removed all surface equipment in the field in Recluse, Wyoming; regraded 50 oil well sites; then mulched, seeded, and fertilized.  October 2009

Bridge and Wall Construction:

Bridge Construction Across Belle Fourche River

ACT constructed 80 feet of free span bridge across the river in Hullet, Wyoming after pouring and setting modular retaining wall blocks.  ACT welded the bridge and installed decking to complete the project.  September 2008

Miscellaneous Dirt Work, Water Mains, Utilities:

Lake Ridge Estates Subdivision

ACT moved approximately 400,000 cubic yards of cut and placed approximately 400,000 cubic yards of compacted fill at the site.  We installed 60", 48", 24", and 18" culverts.  We blue topped and graded roads, processed pit run rock on-site, and placed 6"+ on road surfaces.  ACT built three water storage ponds, performed rock excavation, slope stabilization, erosion control, and reclamation.  We trenched in 20,000 linear feet of 3-phase power cable, hauled in 12,000 tons of road base, and topped all roads with 4" of base.  There were approximately 4 miles of road at this project in Alcova, Wyoming.  February 2007