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Applied Construction Technologies

-was founded in 2007 by Chad Westbrook as a way to match his extensive experience in the construction field with his ambition for devising novel solutions for clients' problems.  ACT was founded to complete work with attention to detail in a timely and safe manner, with customer service being a priority.  Since January 2007, ACT has completed numerous large projects within the state of Wyoming in a professional, timely manner.  Applied Construction Technologies is happy to share with you its in-depth field knowledge and problem solving capacity to accomplish your most difficult tasks.  Please inquire as to our extensive references. 



Applied Construction Technologies, Inc. is a Casper, Wyoming-based construction company specializing in earthwork, structural concrete, roads, utilities, and steel buildings for more than a decade. Our quality workmanship and timely project completion has earned us a reputation as one of the state's premiere contractors.

Extensive Experience In Project Managing And Estimating:

We work with suppliers to obtain material bids for projects, estimating equipment, labor, fuel, overhead, and time for projects to allow ACT to successfully create customized bid packages for bonding.  We re-evaluate bids, buy out projects, and set up a schedule for a project's timely completion.  We attend all necessary meetings, coordinating the project from start to finish, including cooperating with owners, engineers, inspectors, utilitiy owners, and the general public to ensure your project complies with applicable codes.  By organizing work crews, suppliers, and subcontractors, ACT creates and maintains a seemless project schedule.

Proven Success Coordinating Work As Project Superintendant:

ACT takes a hands-on approach managing field crews, training them on the tasks and duties required to complete your project in a timely fashion with the utmost regard for safety at all times.  We manage a project on a daily basis by maintaining weekly progress schedules and safety meetings, requiring daily time cards, creating daily and weekly quantity reports, and keeping detailed daily construction logs.  We maintain control throughout the process to ensure that your project is built to the highest quality standards.

Proficient Operation Of Heavy Equipment:

The ACT team is proficient in the safe use and handling of scores of heavy equipment, including: track excavators, backhoes, motor graders, scrapers, dozers, trenchers, articulating trucks, rollers, dump trucks, belly dumps, wheel loaders, fork lifts, transport trucks, trench compactors (both vibratory and roller), 100 ton-per-hour asphalt hot plant, asphalt paving machines and screeds, boom trucks, CMI profilers, Wertgren asphalt milling machine, wash plant for gold operation, and crushing plant with screens, jaw, and cone.  Our extensive experience with this equipment allows ACT to determine the most efficient way to maintain production in your application.  We are proud holders of Class-A commercial licenses with endorsements and requisite medical certifications with extensive over-the-road equipment transportation history, including the operation of end dumps and pups, belly dumps and pups, lowboys, step decks, floats, water trucks, and tankers and pups.  ACT is certified to make yearly inspections for the DOT.

Skilled Laborers:

ACT's team is experienced in laying pipe for water, sewer, storm sewer mains, and other services.  We utilize television inspection for underground piping.  We are experienced in the direct bury of power lines and over head high lines, along with electrical conduits.  We install temporary water supply systems and provide traffic control, road preparation and paving, prefabrication and erection of communication towers.  Our laborers safely and efficiently construct structural concrete, foundations, retaining walls, head structures, drop structures, intake structures, tank foundations, and all flat work - including side walks, curb and gutter.  We perform maintenance on heavy equipment, including in-depth mechanics and repairs to keep your project moving.  ACT is skilled at welding and fabricating using stick, mig, tig, oxygen and acetylene, and air arc.  We set up dewatering wells and dewatering systems.  Our reclamation and reseeding capabilities are widely used in Wyoming's oil fields. 

ACT is a Class I General Contractor Working out of Casper, Wyoming

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